Sample companies

At PCI Primer, our goal is to assist small to medium sized enterprises (SME) comply with PCI DSS. To help achieve this goal, we have created two sample, fictional companies and outlined how each company has addressed their requirements according to the standard. We provide a limited number of approaches, diagrams and policies to non-members, and a complete set (25) of information security policies, diagrams, project plans, budgets and security awareness programs for each company to members.

The two sample fictional companies, both Small (<15 employees) and Medium (<200 employees), are as follows: Piero’s perfect pizza and pasta (fictional)
Piero’s perfect pasta and pasta is an Italian restaurant in Sydney. It was formed in 2006 and quickly received rave reviews in local media for the quality of the food, friendly staff and the authentic Italian atmosphere of the restaurant. It quickly developed a local fan base.

It is owned by Piero who set it up with his wife Kathleen. The company has always been profitable, and in 2010 Piero set up another outlet in a nearby suburb. Piero now has 11 employees, an annual turnover in excess of $3 million. Net Profit for FY2014/2015 was $320,000.

Piero’s accepts credit cards on the company website for take away Italian food. The restaurant allows customers to pay for meals using credit cards also. Occasionally, customers will call the restaurant and attempt to provide credit card details over the phone to order take away food.

Exhilarating Trips (fictional)
Exhilarating Trips is an Australian Pacific (AsiaPac) based travel agency that was formed in 1999. It specialises in holidays, flights, daybreaks, weekends away, cruises, hotel bookings etc. It was originally formed in Sydney and had 6 staff members for the first three years.

It performed exceptionally well in the national travel market, grew quickly and overtook competitors. Additional offices were opened in Sydney as well as in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart by 2008 and in 2010 the Singapore and Hong Kong offices were opened, specialising in selling holidays in Australia such as the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney and the Great Ocean Road to the Asian market. In total, there are 32 stores across these locations with headquarters in Sydney.

Exhilarating Trips has 190 staff members in total. Total Revenue for FY2014/2015 was $312 million, with gross profit of $43 million.
Exhilarating Trips accepts credit card payments at the following places:
• POS terminals at each of the 32 stores
• Forms at each of the 32 stores
• Company website
• Over the phone by call centre staff